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granny glamour

Who doesn't like going to Grandma's? One of the only places one can kick back, get cozy and accept hand delivered delights from food to drink and lots of love without feeling the favour need be returned. Granny may not live in Sydney's CBD, but there's a place you can venture that will spoil you just the same. The home you wished you had.

We are a home away from home where people can come in, relax and receive their desired experience. Located down an innocuous basement in the hectic centre of Sydney's CBD, Grandma's is a relaxed and welcoming venue that encompasses all five senses and really focuses on hospitality and delivering a friendly genuine service. Tongue-in-cheek from design to drinks, the only thing taken with utmost seriousness is production of quality, specializing in fun tiki/rum style cocktails using booze of the boutique sort and personally sourced beer and wine for a more tailored approach.